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South Africa Lotto Plus 1 Prizes Just like the main South Africa Lotto draw, there are a total of eight prize divisions in South Africa Lotto Plus 1. Matching just two main numbers and the Bonus Ball wins Lotto Plus 1 players a guaranteed R15, with prize amounts increasing as players match more numbers.

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Also, additional to the previous match-6, match-5 and match-4, players could now also win a match-5 plus bonus, match-4 plus bonus and match-3 plus bonus in prizes. Another change happened in 1994, when another page in lotto history was written and the game changed to a 6/42 draw with the odds raising to 1 in 5,245,786.

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lotto odds 5 plus bonus
・ Under the Play Online menu, click LOTTO MAX. ・ For $5, you get three 3 sets of 7 numbers. You are able to select one set of numbers, the other two sets of numbers will be chosen for you.

South Africa Lotto Plus 1 Prizes - Odds of Winning

lotto odds 5 plus bonus
Buy Lotto Max tickets online, the biggest national lottery game in BC. Weekly Lotto Max jackpots starts at $10 Million and can reach up to $60 Million. Check Lotto Max winning numbers here on PlayNow.


lotto odds 5 plus bonus
Lotto 6/49 is one of three national lottery games in Canada. Launched on June 12, 1982, Lotto 6/49 was the first nationwide Canadian lottery game to allow players to choose their own numbers.

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Bonus Lotto is one of the draw games offered by Africa Lotto, a company registered in 2008 and owned 100% by a trust. The company was tasked with the overall responsibility of developing a nationwide lotto system which gives people the best possible opportunity to play and win in lotto games.

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lotto odds 5 plus bonus
The Main Prize Fund is 40% of sales. *The fixed prizes of Free Plays for 2 of 6 main numbers, $5 for 2 of 6 main numbers plus the Bonus and $10 for 3 of 6 main numbers are payable from the Main Prize Fund.

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(2) Match 3 to Match 5 + Bonus Ball Prize Capping: Prizes in these Prize categories will be capped in very rare cases and only if the Capped Prize Fund (which is an amount equal to 35.82% of the sales for a Lotto Draw, plus an amount agreed by Camelot and the Commission (being £35million)) is not enough to award Winning Lotto Entries in the Match 2 to Match 5 + Bonus Ball Prize categories the

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+ Match designated number of main draw number plus Bonus Number * Approximate Odds. More Information. The Lotto 6/49 jackpot prize is carried over to the next draw if it is not won.

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The Lotto Odds Calculator enables users to calculate the odds of winning the jackpot and additional prize levels for any given lottery. To use the calculator, type in the number matrix, select the number of prize tiers and tick whether the lottery includes a bonus ball.

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TOTAL PRIZE PAYOUT OF LOTTO MAX SALES. 48% of LOTTO MAX draw sales are dedicated to the Prize Fund. The total amount of $20 and Free Play prizes is paid from the Prize Fund, and the balance of the fund (the Pools Fund) is then allocated to the 4/7 + Bonus, 5/7, 5/7 + Bonus, 6/7, 6/7 + Bonus and 7/7 prize categories as indicated in the table below.

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Learn how to play Lotto online or from your mobile. Find out the rules, the odds of winning, prize tiers, how the Irish National Lottery compares to other world lotteries and other information you should know before buying your ticket.

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The longer odds in the Match 5 + Bonus tier mean that far fewer players are likely to win in this category. As such, they will receive a prize that is approximately …


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